Multi Basket Bernoulli Filter

In 2013 a new product family was added to the Bernoulli product portfolio, the multi-basket Bernoulli Filters.

The multi-basket Bernoulli Filter was developed to meet a market demand for finer filtration in combination with large capacities. This range offers all of the advantages of a single-basket Bernoulli Filter, such as low flushing pressure and constant pressure drop, but it utilizes multiple filter baskets instead of a single filter basket. Put simply, it’s the traditional Bernoulli Filter, multiplied!

BMG product line

The BMG product line is the first member of the multi-basket product family. It consists of four models, DN 400 (16”) to DN 800 (32”), covering a capacity range of up to 8400 m3/h.

Thanks to the use of multiple filter baskets in one filter body, fine filtration down to 100 microns is achievable, even at high flow rates. This means that one single multi-basket unit is capable of doing the work of multiple smaller single basket units. The result is a space efficient installation that requires less piping.

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SCA Östrand

The core of the operations is SCA's vast forest holdings in northern Sweden, 2.6 million hectares of forest land, almost the area of Belgium. This is the largest private forest holding in Europe. Based on this unique resource, SCA has developed a well-invested industry, designed to create the highest possible value from the forest, a resource-efficient industry where the entire tree is used to create value. The products include solid-wood products, pulp, kraft liner, publication papers and renewable energy.